Memory of St Grand Duchess Olga


The establishment of Christianity in Russia under Saint Grand Duke Vladimir of Kiev was preceded by the reign of Grand Duchess Olga, who in the ancient times was called the root of orthodoxy. Olga occured as the morning sunrise before the day for the holy light of faith in Christ – the Sun of Righteousness, shines like the moon in the darkness of the night, that is, in the darkness of idolatry, covering the Russian land. During her reign in Russia, the seeds of the Christian faith were successfully implanted.

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Akathist to St. Sergius of Radonezh


In ­a small church of St. Nicholas Cathedral­ dedicated prep Sergiyu had started a we­ekly evening service with Akathist St. S­ergius of Radonezh

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1000th anniversary of the repose of St. Apostolic Grand Duke Vladimir, the Baptist of Russia


July 28, 2015 (Tuesday)
St. Apostolic Grand Duke Vladimir

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The phenomenon of the Virgin Mary in the city of Kazan.


Finding the icon happened after the fire , which occurred in Kazan in 1579 and destroyed part of the city . Then, a nine year old girl named Matrona had a visit from the Virgin Mary , whom asked her to dig up an icon from the ashes . At first, no one believed Matrona , but when the Virgin Mary came to her for the second time , the girl went to look for her , and indeed found it at the specified location , at a depth of one meter. Day of appearance of the icon is considered on July 21st .
Now this day is recognized as an orthodox holiday by the Russian Church . And in place of the appearance of the icon , a convent for women was built. The first person to become a nun was Matrona herself , who then took the name Mavra.
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Help for those who suffered from flood in Serbia and Bosnia in May, 2014

May 27, 2014

Orthodox Church in Thailand provides a room to collect humanitarian aid for people suffered from flood in Serbia and Bosnia. Everyone can help people in trouble. Church is opened every day 7 a.m. – 9 p.m.

The most needed items are the following:
Canned food
Baby food
Sanitary equipment:
- rubber gloves
- antibacterial and alcohol solutions
- face hygienic masks

Next Sunday (June, 1) money donations for Serbian people will be collected (after the Divine Liturgy, ~11 a.m.). Everyone is welcome.

All the humanitarian aid will be sent to Serbian Patriarchy in Belgrade.

Orthodox monastery flooded in Thailand

November 9, 2013

The heavy rain has flooded an Orthodox Christian monastery in the Thai province of Ratchaburi.

The water level in the monastery has reached 70 centimeters. Although it has now stopped raining, the water level continues to rise, the office of the Russian Orthodox Church in Thailand has reported.

“Considerable surface damage of the buildings is probable. The supply lines, including the sewage system, have been damaged. Electricity is off. There is a direct threat to the community garden, grass, bushes, and some types of trees, for which a large amount of water can be harmful. The garden was under the special care of the monks and pilgrims always admired its beauty,” the report says. Continue reading